Bluestripe #5 — April 9, 2008

The Board of Directors of the Association of Naval Aviation has voted to expand the Board membership to include directors from each of the diverse communities that make up Naval Aviation. As a first step the Board has elected the following to join the Board and they have accepted.

Vice Admiral Walter J. Massenburg, USN (Ret). VADM Massenburg has extensive experience in Maritime Patrol and will represent the interests of the maritime patrol and reconnaissance communities on the Board. His last active duty was as Commander Naval Air Systems Command and thus brings that experience to the table as well.

Rear Admiral Jay “Rabbit” Campbell, USN (Ret) is a fighter pilot, a former CAG and presently Chairman of the Tailhook Association. He will represent the interests of the aircraft carrier based communities on the Board.

Rear Admiral Steven Tomaszevski, USN (Ret) is a helicopter pilot, former carrier CO and Chairman of the Navy Helicopter Association. He will represent the interests of the myriad and various rotary wing communities on the Board.

In that the expansion of the community base of the Board renders redundant the previously established President’s Advisory Council, that Council is hereby disestablished. Marine and Coast Guard representatives will be elected to the Board of Directors when candidates are identified and willing to serve.

The addition of these distinguished gentlemen to our board will enhance markedly the ability of your ANA to carry out its mission.

“…to educate and encourage an interest among the general public as to the importance of Naval Aviation in the defense of the United States and its allies….”

Robert F. Dunn

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