Bluestripe #3 — December 31, 2007

In a recent communication from our ANA chairman, James L. Holloway III, USN (Ret), to the board of directors, he noted that excellent progress has been made in the recovery of the ANA. He concluded further that now is the time for him to step down and turn over the gavel to a new chairman, thus ensuring that there will be in place a headquarters team that can provide uninterrupted leadership to the ANA as the association enters a critical phase in the consolidation and growth. Consequently, he announced his intention to retire from the Chair and Board of ANA on 15 January 2008.

Recognizing Admiral Holloway’s long and dedicated service to Naval Aviation and the outstanding services he has rendered the new ANA over the past year, the board of directors has reluctantly accepted his retirement and will, as of January 16, 2008, designate him Chairman Emeritus.

Effective the same date, to take up the chairman’s gavel when Admiral Holloway retires, the board has elected as new chairman Admiral John Nathman, USN (Ret). Admiral Nathman has been a board member since shortly after the inception of the new ANA and prior to that had a long and distinguished career as a naval officer and Naval Aviator. He is a fighter pilot, a former CO of a CVN, Commander Naval Air Forces, VCNO and Fleet Forces Command. He has the confidence of not only the ANA board of directors but also Admiral Holloway, the executive staff and, most importantly, our active Navy leadership.

The winter issue of Wings of Gold will address this change and both of these distinguished gentlemen in more detail.

Robert F. Dunn


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