Naval Safety Command established in Norfolk Friday

By: Sarah Fearing

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The U.S. Navy has established a new command focused on non-nuclear safety standards, expertise and oversight of the Navy and Marine Corps Safety Management System (SMS).

The Naval Safety Command will replace the Naval Safety Center in Norfolk and will have increased authorities and responsibilities, the Navy said Friday.

The Naval Safety Command (NAVSAFECOM) was established during an official ceremony at Joint Forces Staff College Friday.

NAVSAFECOM will establish a safety management system that will give “defense-in-depth” and make sure the naval enterprise is safe to operate and operating safely.

The Navy said the change shows the Navy’s commitment to and emphasis on safety. NAVSAFECOM is now a command construct, meaning it’s able to create Echelon I safety and risk management policy. It will also be able to do “formal, independent assurance functions from Echelon II through unit-level commands to evaluate risk control systems and continuous self-improvement.”

“The significance of today’s Establishment can be summarized simply: a vital change to the way our Navy conducts its vital mission, a mission that is growing in importance every single day,” Gilday said. “Naval Safety Command will enhance our ability to safely operate across the globe, and in turn help accelerate America’s advantage at sea,” Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday said during the establishment ceremony Friday.

By enhancing the Marine Corps’ and Navy’s “safety posture,” the force will be better prepared for high-end sustained maritime combat.

“We will empower our Sailors, Marines, and civilians by collecting their insights to bolster our safety culture,” Luchtman said. “Ultimately, the Naval Safety Command will serve as a force multiplier of a just culture that incorporates risk management and accountability by all individuals, regardless of rank and position,” said Rear Adm. F.R. “Lucky” Luchtman, commander of Naval Safety Command.

“Our readiness and strength rely on the continuous innovation and dedicated efforts of all our personnel,” said Command Master Chief Jimmy Hailey. “The Naval Safety Command team is excited about the future and remains committed to helping keep our global warfighters safe.”

NAVSAFECOM’s new seal with the motto “Enabling Warfighting Readiness” was unveiled Friday during the ceremony.

“The Naval Safety Command will provide transparency into emerging risk trends and the current safety status of all commands through enhanced risk identification, communication, and accountability, as well as data collection, management, and product dissemination, which will protect our most important resource, our Sailors, Marines, and civilians whose lives we value above all else.” Luchtman said.

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