Jets from NAS Oceana in Virginia Beach head to Texas to honor George H.W. Bush

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Naval aviators from Virginia Beach will honor President George H.W. Bush this week. 

F/A-18 Hornets and Super Hornets from Naval Air Station Oceana will fly to Texas to perform a 21 aircraft missing man fly-over as part of the funeral services.

“Being selected to participate in this memorial is one of the highest honors a Naval Aviator can receive,” said Rear Admiral Roy Kelley, Commander, Naval Air Force Atlantic, in a release from the Navy.  “In addition to being our president, he was also one of our brothers, flying combat missions off aircraft carriers during World War II.  His service to our Navy and nation merits a tribute of this magnitude.”

Bush was one of the youngest naval aviators when he earned the Wings of Gold at the age of 18.

His 58 combat missions during World War II earned him the Distinguished Flying Cross.

The Navy says these squadrons from NAS Oceana will take part in the fly-over that will happen Thursday during the interment ceremony in College Station, Texas:

  • Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 103, the “Jolly Rogers”
  • VFA-143, the “Pukin’ Dogs”
  • VFA-32, the “Swordsmen”
  • VFA-83, the “Rampagers”
  • VFA-131, the “Wildcats”
  • VFA-105, the “Gunslingers”
  • VFA-31, the “Tomcatters”
  • VFA-87, the “GoldenWarriors”
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