Fighter pilot from aircraft carrier Carl Vinson ejects safely at sea

By: Christopher Diamond

A Navy F/A-18E pilot from the carrier Carl Vinson ejected safely during routine flight operations, according to a Friday press release from the Navy’s 7th Fleet.

The F/A-18E, assigned to Carrier Air Wing 2, was on final approach to the Carl Vinson when the incident occurred. The carrier was conducting flight operations while transiting the Celebes Sea in the Western Pacific, south of the Philippines and east of the island of Borneo.

A helicopter assigned to the carrier’s Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 4 safely recovered the pilot.

The incident is under investigation, according to the Navy. The pilot is being assessed by the carrier’s medical team, but there are no reported injuries at this time.

Navy Times
As Korea tensions deepen, Carl Vinson Strike Group deployment extended

The carrier Carl Vinson is currently on its way to the Korean Peninsula as a show of force amid North Korea’s recent long range missile tests and reports of planned nuclear weapons tests. The strike group made news this week when Defense News reported that the carrier was actually heading in the opposite direction from the peninsula some 3,500 miles away.

Having redirected to the Sea of Japan off of the Korean Peninsula, the carrier strike group is expected to arrive in the region next week.

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