CNO’s 2014 Message To The Fleet


Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert delivers this New Year 2014 message to the fleet.

Happy New Year, Shipmates! 2013 was a year of challenges, but it was a year of a lot of successes and you made those successes possible. And that’s why I’m looking forward to 2014. We’re going to be just fine.

Now, our Navigation Plan is going to be our guide for 2014. And my resolution is stay on course. Our three tenets will guide us through the year.

Warfighting First. We will bring you the capability and technology to get the job done.

Operate Forward. We’re going to continue that Asia-Pacific rebalance, but we’ll maintain the course and speed – if you will – in the Middle East.

And Be Ready. We’ll bring you the training that you need while at the same time getting away from those degraders from our readiness such as sexual assault or substance abuse.

Throughout it all though, you are our asymmetric advantage. I need you to take care of each other. Look out for each other. And be safe. I want you back at work after the holiday period. And be fit – physically, mentally and morally.

In this 2014, we’re going to be where it matters, when it matters. You will be the difference. I’ll see you out there in the Fleet. Happy New Year!

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