Camden and Currituck Counties Oppose The Navy Outlying Landing Field

NEWS RELEASE: The following information was released by the Currituck Co. Board of Commissioners

Currituck County, NC (April 28, 2008) – The Camden and Currituck county boards of commissioners publicly announce their opposition to the proposed U.S. Navy Outlying Landing Field (OLF).

“We support the Navy, but we do not want the OLF in Camden County,” said Gene Gregory, vice chairman of the Currituck County Board of Commissioners. “This airfield would devastate the agricultural industry, economy and quality of life of the county.”

Camden and Currituck counties are home to valuable North Carolina farmland and have economies that are dependent on the agricultural industry. The proposed airfield could condemn 26,000 acres and an additional 25,000 acres would be bound by agricultural restrictions. The use of this land as an OLF would also remove it from both county tax bases.

“With all benefits going to Virginia, both Currituck and Camden counties would experience tremendous economic loss,” said Gregory. “It is our recommendation that the OLF be located in Virginia”

The location currently being considered by the Navy for this facility also poses a public safety risk to county residents. The site at Hale’s Lake has a natural presence of peat bogs that creates a unique environmental hazard. By nature, peat bogs are susceptible to catching fire spontaneously and could create a significant fire risk if combined with the OLF.

In May, the boards plan to hold a public meeting to address concerns of the OLF. Earlier this year, the Navy scratched plans to locate the OLF in Washington County following strong opposition from residents and local government.

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