Bluestripe #1 — August 17, 2007


Through the courtesy of the Tailhook Association the ANA will have both a ready room and a display booth at the Tailhook Convention in Reno, September 6-9.

The ready room will be on the third floor in the Central Pacific Rooms. Amenities will be available on a cash and honor basis. The ready room will be manned by well-known ANA volunteers.

The Tailhook Convention will be held at John Ascuaga’s Nugget, Reno, Nevada, September 6-9. Go to for reservations and details.

Come join us and see your new ANA in action.

This outreach with the Tailhook Association complements an agreement just implemented with the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation and looks to pave the way for similar cooperation with the Naval Helicopter Association and the Marine Corps Aviation Association.

Together, our various Naval Aviation associations will cooperate as never before in supporting the men and women of our active duty and reserve Naval Aviation ships, squadrons and training and support units as never before.

“.to educate and encourage an interest among the general public as to the importance of Naval Aviation in the defense of the United States and its allies..”

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